A website setup to explain what the Pioneertown Preservation Park will be


Who is K.B.G.?


Southern California Born. Southern California Raised. Southern California For LIFE!

I was born in Santa Monica and have lived all over the Los Angeles, Kern, Riverside & San Bernardino California Counties.

I moved to the Morongo Basin around 2oo6 and then up to the High Desert a few years later.. and I have to say: "things look pretty good from up here!"

I have worked in Pioneertown for almost five years now. I volunteer for the nonprofit group the Friends of Pioneertown and I am a very active member of the board of directors for the Morongo Basin Historical Society.

I'm an artist, an inventor, a musician, a prospector, a publisher, an author.. and then some!

Early in 2o18 I published the book PIONEERTOWN, USA and a few months later I released the official board game PIONEERTOWN LAND CO.

The P4 project has been on the back of My mind for years now. I began researching for the project back in 2o17 and haven't stopped since.

I established the Patriots of Pioneertown Preservation Park Corporation in August of 2o18. There is a lot of hard work to be done.. but I will do what it takes to make it happen!


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