A website setup to explain what the Pioneertown Preservation Park will be



Here is a list of the potential community amenities and park features P4 might like to offer. This is simply a breakdown of ideas. Only after P4 has established the ideal location of the project can we truly begin to discuss what amenities the project might be able to offer.


The P4 project aims to host a handful of amenities which, collectively, would simultaneously act as a bird sanctuary. Bird watching platforms, complete with information about local species bird species, could easily be established throughout the project grounds. These platforms would have a very small footprint but would have a big impact on educating people about local desert wildlife. 

These traditional cemetery grounds will be Western themed and will include Cemetery Plots, Urn Gardens and Columbaria. While plenty of traditional burial plots will be made available, P4's goal for the cemetery is to focus mainly on cremated remains.
This should be an easily accessible, preferably shaded area, adorned with Children’s Playground Equipment. Nothing grand; some swings, a couple slides, a set of monkey bars, a seesaw.. an area where kids can safely burn off some energy.
Non-denomination Church located directly next to the 1st Phase of the Cemetery.

While the Corporate Offices inside or next to the Community Center will house the day-to-day operations of this organization, all of the Cemetery’s  business activities should be housed inside the Church.

This won’t be a  church for hosting services other than cemetery related operations.

A small building, kiosk, cart or chuckwagon that serves coffee, snacks and goodies. This could be a mobile service that travels through both the P4 location and Mane Street, or it could be a stationary structure.

If we get our first choice for the P4 project, then the old White's Hardware building seems like the best location for this community amenity.

As P4 aims to focus on entombing mainly cremated remains - multiple forms of Columbaria will be located around the Cemetery Grounds, including pet columbaria, private/public columbaria and monument/statue style columbaria.
A large and easily accessible building which can host community meetings, parties and events in addition to storing and renting out Sports and Fishing rental equipment P4 might offer.

This building could also potentially house a Museum, a Library, an Art Gallery, an Arcade (old fashioned or new,) the Coffee &/or Concession Stand, a General/Small Market, Vending Machines, etc.
A small but adequate area with access to water, preferably fenced in, where the community can collectively grow plants, vegetables, fruit, flowers and cacti.

P4 might also grow local plants and cactus to supply a small Nursery in Pioneertown.
A moderately sized building adjacent to the Community Center, or housed inside the Community Center, with a grand reception office, multiple office spaces and plenty of storage space, from which the corporation will run its day-to-day operations. The front/top of this building (&/or the Community Center) can act as the projection screen for an Outdoor Theater.  
A small grassy (some of the only grass in the entire Cemetery/Park) and hopefully shaded area, preferably fenced in, which will house a Wishing Well.

This courtyard will be dedicated to Dick Curtis, the founder of Pioneertown.

It would be nice to have this area centrally located between the Park Amenities, as the Cemetery will already have plenty of nicely landscaped areas.
A fenced in area with plenty of open space, a decent amount of shade and seating areas as well as water access. There should be a separate area for small and big dogs. This dog park should be located far from the Cemetery Grounds & the Horse Corrals for minimal noise interference.  Signs throughout the property should be clearly visible and designate  what areas of the Cemetery and Park dogs can and can’t go. Dog Poop Stations should be available in areas where dogs area allowed and will offer patrons both bags to pick up poop & trash cans for its disposal.
A community gym in a nice and air conditioned room, would benefit plenty of residents and tourists. It wouldn't need to be big or very heavily furnished to be incredibly useful. We could offer membership benefits and allow non-members daily access for a fee.
An area that we won’t need to modify much at all..

Land that would ultimately be surrounded by the Cemetery & Park, that we can fill with both pedestrian, hiking and equestrian riding trails.
This area can also include the Staged Old-Timey Western Cemetery.

The advantage there is the fact that film productions & private parties can access the area easily while still feeling isolated and we can easily lock the area off when it is being rented out.
A handful of smaller sized horse corrals for equestrian visitors to board their horses at while visiting the Cemetery or Community Amenities.

These corrals should be adjacent to the Corporation Office or the Community Center so riders will be required to gain access & sign in before using the facilities.

If P4 gets its first choice for the location of the project, then said corrals will likely be constructed using the wood and materials from the OK Corral, which would be carefully & lovingly disassembled and repurposed.
It wouldn’t be very expensive to get a few washers and dryers and it wouldn’t be very expensive to have a system set up to use key cards that we could additionally use for a handful of other park services, like after hours members-only key card access.

This community amenity would simply offer local laundering services to Pioneertown residents and visitors who currently take their laundry down to Yucca Valley.
Offering daily dinners delivered to locations within a certain distance would be a great amenity for plenty of businesses, residents and tourists alike! It would be great to have some local chefs contribute; either on special occasions, or all the time. This community amenity can be housed inside the Coffee/Concession Stand.

Setting up a membership system would allow residents and local businesses to get the best benefits and would make it a much easier operation to manage.
Ideally, meals and meal options could be setup well in advance - customers pay for a number of meals and place orders no less than a day in advance - then freshly made meals are delivered right to your door, 7 days a week  =)
A septic system will not only be costly, but might be extremely difficult to obtain permits for. If it is too costly to put in a septic system, a rectangular area, roughly 15’x25’, could be fenced in on three sides by old wood planks with crescent moons and stars carved into them. Two doors might be accessible from this side: the access and exit. The forth side could remain open for the delivery, removal and emptying of Port-o-Potties. Very similar to the setup used at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.
Even if a septic system is affordable - it would still be fun to make the bathrooms look like old-timey outhouses.
The Parking Lot or the park in general could double as the gathering grounds for both cars of people and people wishing to watch from chairs or blankets. The side of the Corporate Office &/or the Community Center can double as the projection screen.

A short, decorative brick wall might divide the Parking Lot from the CO/CC. This brick wall could also house a projector box for housing a digital projector as well as feeding cables into the CO/CC to allow for easy projecting from an inside source. We could stream the same feed to multiple screens inside the CC and throughout the park.

By using a shortwave FM transmitter, we can transmit the sound to anyone’s radio and to sound/speaker-hubs  throughout the Park.
Showing movies Friday and  Saturday nights would be amazing! Furthermore, we would have a huge  screen we could use for any event and we could use the FM transmitter to offer a Pioneertown radio station
A Dirt Parking Lot might act as the main link between the Cemetery, the  Corporation Property and the Park Amenities. It could allow for  handicapped parking near the very center of the Park, near the Church,  Community Center, Corporation Office and directly next to the 1st Phase of Cemetery Grounds. It might also double as the gathering grounds for the Outdoor Theater.
A 2nd Dirt Parking Lot for larger vehicles might also allow access to the Utility Roads.

This parking lot would need to have direct access to both the Horse Corrals and the equestrian trail portions of the Utility Road, as it would be a main parking area for any visitors interested in our equestrian amenities.
This area of the Cemetery Grounds could be strictly for animals, but offer the same amenities as the rest of the Cemetery, including traditional burial plots and crematoria.

 PIONEERTOWN RADIO STATION: We could use the same FM Transmitter that we would need for the Outdoor Theater to broadcast a 24/7 Radio Station.

FCC Licensing wouldn’t be very expensive and we could air things like local history talks and live events in town. 

This Pond or “Lake” should be located in the center of the property and will actually serve many different purposes. The “Spring Fed Stream” will help to divide the Cemetery from the Park from the Corporation Property.

While the idea sounds grand- the water system would actually be gravity fed for a very low energy cost and would also be used as part of the property’s landscaping irrigation.
The “Stream” will provide an area unlike any other in the Morongo Basin, where one may be buried next to running water.
The Pond/Lake area could be  stocked with fish and Fishing Permits could be sold in addition to Pole Rentals and Bait. We could choose to allow visitors to keep/buy what they catch, or permit catch-and-release only fishing. We could also stock vending machines with fish food and allow patrons to feed the fish for us.
The Joshua Tree Lakes and the Hawk’s Landing Golf Club both give great examples of what this Pond or  “Lake” could look like.
A random but notable perk: having a large body of easily accessible water in the center of the property could come in handy if another wildfire tries to burn through the area.
Very Rough estimate of the water required for a Big Pond:
1.5' TALL x 25' WIDE x 5o' LONG = 1,875 Square Feet x 7.48 Gallons per Square Foot = 14,o25 Gallons.

We’d need 14,o25+ gallons to fill it up and an estimated 175-35o gallons of water a day to keep it up.. but we wouldn’t ever need any landscaping water!

That sounds like a lot of water to use! But it's actually only the equivalent of just about the same amount of water used in 1o-2o average daily showers in the USA.

So think of it this way: the pond might use a lot of water, but it will benefit everyone. . . The next 2 houses that are built or become occupied in Pioneertown will easily consume more water daily than P4 will need to supply the pond.

The BBQ Pit is a MAYBE, as county codes might be hard to work with. But a shaded area with seating and picnic tables should be made available. Hopefully there can be multiple areas which provide shade throughout the Cemetery and Park.
If the Fishing Permits allow you to buy your fish AND if we acquire a permit for a BBQ Pit, we might also have a Fish Cleaning/Prepping area available. Regardless of what is or isn’t under the Shaded Areas, we might be able to install Solar Paneled shade providers, much like the ones in the parking lot of  the Yucca Valley High School.
SPORTS: (Baseball, Basketball, Tennis & Golf Equipment could be available for rent at the Community Center for a small price. Members would be granted free rentals as a membership perk.)
BASEBALL FIELD, BLEACHERS AND DUGOUTS-   1 Full Sized Baseball Field with no grass but with covered dugouts and  bleachers for fans to watch from. Preferably, the bleachers should also grant an equally nice view of the Basketball & Tennis Courts.
BASKETBALL COURTS- 2x Full Sized Basketball Courts with covered dugouts for players.
TENNIS COURTS- 2x Full Sized Tennis Courts with covered dugouts for players.
MINIATURE GOLF COURSE-  Miniature Golf Course that is comparable to the one at Boomers in Palm Springs. Focused on challenging, yet extremely simple and small holes. It would be great to sacrifice any electrical features and use wind/solar powered obstacles.
This area could be part of the Hiking and Equestrian Trails in the center of the property. It would simply be a staged old ghost town type of cemetery which would provide a great area for production companies to use, for patrons to enjoy while hiking/riding through and for private parties to rent out, should they want to enjoy a private event in a secluded area which could be completely locked off from the public when rented in advance. As it would be in an “isolated area” of the grounds, all-be-it directly next to other corporate property, it should probably be accessible only by some type of sign-in sheet or even a corporation representative, to prevent the area from suffering any vandalism.
Potentially located next to the Caretaker’s House and equally heavily fortified-  the Corporation’s Storage Facility will house heavy machinery, landscaping equipment, physical property, etc.
This small building could house a collection of Bambi Buckets and emergency pumping gear and should be located close to the pond &/or well. Bambi Buckets are what helicopters use to carry water to wildfires. There are many different types and sizes of these buckets. It would be awesome to have a “Bambi Bucket Team on standby; if, god forbid, there is ever another wildfire in the area, having a steady supply of water ready for helicopters would make for a great defense!
Centrally located and heavily fortified- this minimally sized property should reside directly next to the Corporation’s Storage Facility. The Caretaker’s House will provide a source of 24/7 On-Site Response and Security. 
Skirting the entire perimeter of both the cemetery and the park should be a two lane dirt road for utility services, security access, property  maintenance, etc.

Said roads should also, in some areas, include horse  trails for riders to access the main Horse Trails in the center of the  property. 
Health and fitness zones, all in one area or spread out around the park, which would offer patrons a place to learn about health while exercising or stretching. A similar example can be seen at the Ruth Hardy Park in Palm Springs.
A large Pine tree that will provide shade in the Summer and can be decorated as a Christmas Tree during Christmas time.
It would be fun to incorporate local artists' & residents' holiday decorations in addition to traditional holiday lights.
A nice, flat area, fenced in or left completely open, but preferably in a  quiet part of the park. The garden would host different art  installations, both permanent and temporary, which would be focused  around Morongo Basin artists, Desert art and/or yard art. Plenty of  seating and hopefully some shade will offer patrons an area to sit and  enjoy the art in a calm and quiet environment.