A website setup to explain what the Pioneertown Preservation Park will be

P4's Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does P4 intend to establish a crematorium or crematory in Pioneertown?

Nope. There are already cremation services right down in Yucca Valley as well as in Twentynine Palms. Wiefels Cremation and Funeral Services has been serving the Morongo Basin since the early 19oo's and can easily offer cremation services right down the hill. There is no need to establish a new crematorium when one close by is already so well established.

Q: What are "Columbaria"?

A:  Merriam-Webster defines Columbaria as:   1 : a structure of vaults lined with recesses for cinerary urns  2 : a recess in a columbarium

Columbaria are essentially walls, statues or other structures which house niches to entomb cremains.

Q: Where exactly are the Cemetery and the Community Amenities going to be?

A:  Good Question!

     Right now, that is still To Be Determined. There are a few locations in question that would suit the needs of Pioneertown and P4. P4's first choice for a prime location would be the west end of Mane Street at the site of the OK Corral. But extensive planning and further surveying must be completed before any location can truly be considered.

Q: Is there enough room in Pioneertown for a project like P4?

A:  Without A Doubt This Is..

     While some artist's interpretations highlighted on this site depict a park as large as 4o Acres, the minimum amount of land needed to complete the core of P4's plan is simply Five Acres. For a rough estimate, the OK Corrals sit on about 8 acres.

     The picture below shows P4's top three choices for the location of the project.


ABOVE: The Top 3 Locations For Pioneertown Preservation Park