A website setup to explain what the Pioneertown Preservation Park will be



       This part of the website is setup to show P4’s active commitment to the legitimate preservation of Pioneertown, its charm, history and delicate relationship with tourism.

       Below is a list of the Focus Statements and Keywords taken directly from the Pioneertown Communities Plan from San Bernardino County’s Countywide Plan.

       It is fair to say that about 8o% of the issues addressed in the County’s Pioneertown Communities Plan are concordantly addressed in P4’s plan!

       Focus Statements that P4 shares in common with the Pioneertown Communities Plan begin with a * , are underlined and include a detailed response while those which P4 would not have any direct effect over are addressed simply by stating P4’s opinion of the matter.

* Pioneertown Community Focus Statement A: Preserve the Historic Western Themed Rural Lifestyle

*Action Statement A.1: Preserve and Restore Original Buildings in the Community.

It should go without saying that P4 is committed to restoring and Preserving! the original buildings in the community. If P4 gets its first choice of land for the project, then we might also be able to acquire White’s Grocery, the Post Office & the Sheriff’s Office. IF that were the case, P4’s first goal would be to renovate the old White’s Hardware building.

*Action Statement A.2: Collaborate With the County to Maintain the Old West Theme of the Community by Creating Architectural Design Guidelines For New Construction.

I (KEN,) have personally worked with the Friends of Pioneertown to help establish design guidelines with the County for new construction on Mane Street. Preserving the Old West theme of the community is one of P4’s top priorities!

*Action Statement A.3: Keep Dirt Roads in the Community.

All of P4’s Roadways and Parking Lots would be dirt. The Only plans that P4 has for roads in Pioneertown is the overall improvement of the dirt roads that surround the project.

*Action Statement A.4: Promote Community History Awareness.

P4’s commitment to history awareness is a top priority. The name of the project is “Pioneertown Preservation Park” and the preservation and promotion of local history is intricately intertwined into P4’s plans.

 Action Statement A.5: Install Street and Wayfinding Signage Consistent With the Western Theme.

P4 won’t really have the authority to install street signage anywhere except on the land we end up purchasing. However, P4 will proudly comply with whatever Western Themed signage is enforced by the community.

*Action Statement A.6: Protect Residential Equestrian Uses That Are Part of the Old West Heritage.

P4 is big promoter of equestrian amenities in Pioneertown! Furthermore, P4 hopes to reintroduce equestrian amenities back into Pioneertown including sanitary public drinking water for horses visiting Mane Street.

*Action Statement A.7: Protect, Maintain, and Expand Open Spaces in the Community.

While protecting and maintaining the open spaces in Pioneertown are not exactly within P4’s authority, we are all for protecting every last inch of Pioneertown! As for expanding open spaces in the community, P4 does intend to establish and even erect new services and buildings in Pioneertown.. But, it wholeheartedly committed to preserving the Western Theme of the town.

For example, even if absolutely every single amenity that P4 is proposing was approved and funded.. We are still looking at an actual footprint of new development in Pioneertown that is equivalent to the size of the General Mercantile Shop, the Jackhass Saloon/Museum a few of the plots north of (or behind) the Motel that has recently been cleaned up and decorated by the Pioneertown Motel.

P4 intends to offer plenty of amenities in a very limited amount of space and intends to glorify and preserve as much of Pioneertown as possible.

* Pioneertown Community Focus  Statement B: Promote Balanced Growth and a Viable Town Center Around Mane Street.

*Action Statement B.1: Advocate With the County to Establish a Commercial Zoning Overlay on Mane Street That Restricts Big Box Retail, Encourages Neighborhood Commercial Scale Retail, and Establishes Flexibility For Locally-Grown Businesses.

Again, I have personally worked with the Friends of Pioneertown to help Pioneertown establish new design guidelines with the County for new construction on Mane Street. P4’s plan introduces more business to Pioneertown that intends to employ and provide health care and other benefits for residents of Pioneertown.

*Action Statement B.2: Provide Public Restroom Facilities on Mane Street and Explore Local Funding Options For Design and Construction.

If P4 gets its first choice for the project, the OK Corral, then the plan calls for the introduction of public bathrooms in the form of “Outhouses” as described in the AMENITIES Page of this website.

Action Statement B.3: Advocate For a Sustainable Water Supply System Accessible By Local Businesses.

While the introduction of a sustainable water supply system to Pioneertown’s businesses isn’t within P4’s means or authority, P4 will absolutely commit to advocating for such a system!


* Pioneertown Community Focus Statement C: Manage Tourism in Pioneertown.

 Action Statement C.1: Prepare a Traffic and Parking Plan to Better Manage Traffic and Parking Issues Due to Visitors and Tourists.

While this particular statement’s overall goal isn’t within P4’s means or authority, if P4 is able to purchase our first choice for the location of the project, a new “parking lot” will be added to the west end of Mane Street. That should have a positive effect on managing parking issues due to visitors and tourists. Furthermore, P4 would be proud to help Pioneertown establish a better means of managing traffic in town. 

*Action Statement C.2: Promote Compliance With Dark Sky Regulations and Noise Regulations.

There is nothing quite like the nights in Pioneertown! P4 is absolutely pro dark and quite nights! The lighting that P4 intends to employ will be within the most strict of anti-light-pollution policy and, if the funding is secured, P4 would love to reintroduce the (SAFE) use of a few gas powered flame lights on Mane Street.

As well.. P4 is a cemetery project. Cemeteries are not places that allow loud, unnecessary nighttime noise. 

Action Statement C.3: Encourage the County to Prepare and Enforce Regulations For Short-Term Rentals (e.g., Airbnb).

This is a very tricky issue as a great number of residents in the Pioneertown Communities own and run Airbnb and other short-term rentals. Furthermore, a good deal of the steady and off-season tourism in Pioneertown is a direct result from the success of the local short-term rentals.

That being said, P4 wants what is best for Pioneertown and for San Bernardino and would not encourage the County to enforce any unfair regulations or regulations that would negatively effect Pioneertown or its County.

However, P4 is absolutely in support of the County enforcing any regulations that would benefit Pioneertown or San Bernardino County.

Again, very tricky issue.

*Action Statement C.4: Coordinate and Design a Pamphlet Educating Visitors and Residents on the Rural Desert Lifestyle.

I have personally designed a four page (1 Page folded in half to make 4 pages) pamphlet which I hand out on Mane Street as well as a free website to educate visitors about Pioneertown and the desert lifestyle.

P4 is all for any other designs and promotions to help educate both residents and the general public. Recently, a very nice and cool looking poster was created and has been disbursed around Pioneertown to help visitors learn some general guidelines for the area.

Action Statement C.5: Advocate With the County to Reduce the Speed Limit on Pioneertown Road.

Again, this is a tricky issue. There are a great number of Pioneertown residents who want the speed limit to stay the same and there are a great number of Pioneertown residents who want the speed limit to be reduced.

P4 stands for both whatever the majority of Pioneertown residents deem the right decision and whatever the County deems the safest decision.

*Action Statement C.6: Promote Tourism Via a Pioneertown Website.

P4 is already doing that. You are reading this on a website that is dedicated to both promoting P4 and Pioneertown in general. I have also created a free website, Visit Pioneertown, to help promote tourism as well as historical and current information about Pioneertown.

Furthermore, there is already a website that is truly dedicated to educating residents and tourists alike on Pioneertown's history.

* Pioneertown Community Focus Statement D: Strive to Be An Environmentally Sustainable Community.

*Action Statement D.1: Promote Communication Between Residents and Conservation Agencies Such as The Wildlands Conservancy.

P4 is completely for the promotion of any communications between residents and conservation agencies. One great example would be the proposed Pioneertown Radio Station, which the conservation agencies could easily use to help promote themselves to the residents of the Pioneertown Communities.

*Action Statement D.2: Provide Community Educational Materials Regarding Recycling.

P4 is also pro recycling! As mentioned above, a great way to advertise or promote to residents of the Pioneertown Communities would be through the use of the proposed Pioneertown Radio Station. Said Radio Station could easily promote recycling pickup events and educational information.

Depending on where P4 is able to purchase land and establish the project, we might also be able to host the recycling events ourselves.

*Action Statement D.3: Educate the Community About Restricting Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Usage and Increase Awareness.

P4 does not promote the usage of OHVs in any area that is not permitted for the use of off-highway vehicles.

That being said, a great many residents in Pioneertown own and use OHVs and the area was once and still is home to many OHV enthusiasts.

P4 is happy to help educated the visitors of Pioneertown with current OHV Laws and will proudly support the County enforced OHV usage laws in Pioneertown which are best suited for the residents of Pioneertown.

*Action Statement D.4: Promote and Educate Residents and Visitors About the Sand to Snow National Monument.

An intricate aspect of P4’s overall goal is to help educate the general public as well as Pioneertown residents. The establishment of the Sand to Snow Monument has a very big and lasting effect on the area surrounding Pioneertown. As so, it would easily be one of the many subjects that P4 will happily promote. 

*Action Statement D.5: Educate Residents About Invasive Weed and Plant Species.

As mentioned above, a prime goal of P4 is education. Local education in particular. Furthermore, it is almost expected that between landscaping the project and the potential Community Garden and Nursery, educational tools about invasive weed and plant species will surely be promoted.

*Action Statement D.6: Protect Wildlife Found in the Community.

P4’s Plan calls for glorifying whatever land it is able to purchase for the project. Wildlife is a very big part of this community and all of the San Bernardino County! A great number of the community amenities P4 proposes to establish would benefit the local wildlife.

* Pioneertown Community Focus Statement E: Become a More Connected Community.

*Action Statement E.1: Establish a “Friends of Pioneertown Communities” Social Committee to Organize Local Events and Activities, Including Barbeques, Barn Dances, and Trail Rides.

P4 is absolutely for anything that helps to promote the Pioneertown Community! There are actually a handful of social committees/organizations that already do a great job of organizing local events and activities. P4 would be proud to promote them in any ways possible.

*Action Statement E.2: Promote Expanded Use of Social Media Such As Nextdoor to Keep Residents Informed and Connected.

Again, P4 is all for anything that helps promote the community! Helping the residents keep informed and connected should be a top priority for any resident &/or business in Pioneertown.